Awesome Miner Review

Features of Awesome Miner 

Check out some of the popular features of Awesome Miner in the sentences that follow.

#1 Notification 

It keeps the crypto users in a loop by sending desktop notification and emails whenever the issues on mining may rise. If mining hardware fails to keep up the efficiency standards set up by the miner, they can receive real-time alerts such as high temperature, failure of the device, hanging miners and disconnected miners, and so on. Basically, you will get notifications pertaining to whatever is slowing down the process of mining. An upgrade with a Cloud Service subscription will enable the user to receive the notification via SMS or any other app.

#2 Pool Management 

This feature enables users to manipulate their pool by switching, adding, and managing pools more effectively. Also, the switch pool feature can be used by several miners within a single operation to make miners more efficient. A major reason why this is a preferred choice amongst the customers is this feature.

#3 Profitability Switching 

One of the most desirable features of the Awesome Miner application would be the possibility of switching. Awesome miners can automatically switch between algorithms, multiple pools, and mining software using both real-time multi-pool statistics and coin statistics to always ensure the highest rate of profitability.

#4 User Dashboards

The most important feature offered though this application would be their dashboard that enables users to manipulate and monitor the current variables in effect. An overview of all actively operating miners along with their revenues and total performance allows more precise operational management.

#5 Multiple Mining Engines

Awesome miner supports a total of 11 mining engines which includes Sgminer, Ccminer, Bfgminer, along with several Claymore miners. A few of supported algorithms are SHA- 256, X11, Scrypt, Ethereum.

#6 Setting up Awesome Miner

For setting up this miner, you should have an Awesome miner downloaded

  • Make a decision on the type of miner to be chosen. There are four different types of miners, External miner, Managed miner, network scan, and Managed profit miner. If you would like to mine with a CPU, then you will need to choose a Managed miner setup.
  • Next, you will be directed for pool setup, so enter your worker information or Bitcoin address. You can also do CPU mining with awesome miner CPU. There are also awesome miner tutorials.
  • Now that you have completed your setup, you will have to allow the benchmark. This will allow your software to select the best algorithm to mine based on your system hash rate. To benchmark, select the “Tool” tab and then click on “Benchmark”. Now select the profit switching profile you wish to benchmark and the GPU or combined GPU’s. When complete, return to the main “tab”.

Mining History 

Awesome miner provides mining history in three ways:

  • Dashboard with real-time statistics

This miner can present real-time statistics for the last hour of mining.

  • Long term mining history export

It can save and provide statistics for more than a year and provide features for exporting all data as CSV files and for generating charts.

  • Long term mining history

This provides a summary of both individual miner history as well as selected minor history.

CPU Mining 

As the name suggests, it is a CPU exclusive miner. Awesome miner includes support for numerous software for CPU mining, including CpuMiner-opt, that provides CPU mining for several popular algorithms. The CPU instruction set by the executable on some computers will not work, or there might be others that offer better performances.

Whether you operate as a large-scale miner or as an independent crypto miner, the application of Awesome miner can greatly improve the efficiency, management, the profitability of your crypto mining practices. Used worldwide, Awesome miners have proven their credibility and value with the cryptocurrency domain.

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