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Cryptocurrency and digital assets are highly experimental and risky. SWAPLAB ‘s conversion service attempts to provide accurate price and exchange rate information, but this information is highly volatile and can change quickly without users necessarily being aware of these changes.
For orders, the exchange rate you receive is calculated at the time your payment is accepted. Due to varying security between blockchains, your payment is typically considered “accepted” at two block confirmations. SWAPLAB may occasionally accept a payment with zero confirmations, though this decision is at SWAPLAB’s sole discretion. It is important to note that a payment being broadcast to the blockchain network does not constitute an acceptance by SWAPLAB of that payment.

  • Low deposit
  • Low fee
  • Mobile friendly page
  • Good support

What is Swaplab?

SWAPLAB is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service, which allows users to exchange cryptocurrency quickly, safely and easily.

Exchange your coins with Swaplab

Swaplab Features

Swaplab.cc is one of the Bitcoin mixing platforms that also offer mixing services for other cryptocurrencies. With the platform, you will be able to get untraceable coins for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Etherium.

No Account/Login System

Since the main point of mixing coins is to provide a layer of anonymity to users, it is intuitive for SmartMixer to a No Account System, where users are not required to create an account before they can start to mix their coins.

Letter of Guarantee

Swaplab.cc provides a Letter of Guarantee, which is a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by their server. The signature will directly be originated from their main Bitcoin account to provide users a level of confidence in the transaction. As proof of obligation, the Letter of Guarantee also serves as a receipt that users can use to report problems regarding the mixing process.

Automatic log removal

To increase the level of privacy that SmartMixer provides to their users, they are deleting all logs once transactions are completed and this happens in no more than 24 hours. Alternatively, users can also manually delete their logs once their transactions have already been processed.

Smart code

A Smart Code is a unique hash that is generated with your first mixing operation. This link is very important, because only with this, the platform can ensure that a person never receives his own cryptocurrencies back after mixing. Additionally, this link allows you to benefit from their Smart Loyalty Program. The more you mix with this link, the bigger the discounts on the fees. Just make sure to enter your Smart Code before every Mixing Operation.

Why use Swaplab?

Good Support

There are two options for users to contact for support questions. Users can contact them through email and through telegram. The more advisable way of contacting the platform for any questions or problems on your transactions is through Telegram as it has a really good end-to-end encryption feature that safekeeps your conversations. Support usually responds within 24 hours, a pretty good response time across the industry.

How long does it take to receive my coins?

Coins are usually send within 15 minutes after user deposit is confirmed. It could take slightly less or more depending on network conditions. Please note that the number of required deposit confirmations is different from coin to coin.